Santa Rosa Table Allocation System

Santa Rosa Table Allocation System

Note: This is a fair-for-all table usage system that can be used to ensure that all players have equivalent access to table time.  It is based on a system devised by the Santa Rosa (California) Table Tennis Club.


When a player arrives, he adds himself to the bottom of the Waiting List (which will be a pad of paper).

Each player waits his turn.

When a table opens up and everyone’s name above him is crossed off, it is his turn to play. He then can choose to do one of the following:

  • ask another idle player to play for fun for 20 minutes*,
  • ask another idle player if they want to practice for 20 minutes,
  • delay playing (if he’s still tired, or wants to wait for someone who is already playing).

If a player delays, it’s the next player in line’s turn and he has the next spot.

Once the player and a partner/opponent get their turn on a table (to play a match or practice) both players shall cross their names off the list.

A player who is asked to play or practice may decline the invitation.

All matches are 3 out of 5.

When a match (or 20 minute practice session) is over, BOTH players leave the table, return to the front, and add their names to the bottom of the waiting list.





* If playing a match, a brief warm-up period is allowed – approximately 2 or 3 minutes is reasonable.  If players abuse the system and “warm up for 10+ minutes, they will be expected to wrap up their match when a total of 20 minutes is up.

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