2016 Oklahoma Senior Games

Oklahoma Senior Games coming to OKCTT!

The Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club hosted the Oklahoma Senior Games on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

There was a lot of fine play in all events.

Men’s Singles:
Ray Pestridge, Jim Short, Jack Ligon, Carl Rider, John Gillette, and Mark Yelavich all took Gold in their respective age groups.  Congratulations! (See Link to Results for details…)

Ray Pestridge, who was the “Elder Statesman” of the tournament was also the top finisher in Men’s Singles!  Congratulations Ray!!!  John Gillette and Jim Short took second and third overall.  Congratulations John, and Jim!

Women’s Singles:
Esther Lamptey, Linda Piatt, TerriLee Bell, and Kathleen Fitzgerald all took Gold in their respective age groups.  Congratulations Ladies!

Esther Lamptey was the top finisher in Women’s Singles and TerriLee Bell and Linda Piatt took second and third overall.  Congratulations Esther, TerriLee, and Linda!!!

Women’s Doubles:
Esther Lamptey & Linda Piatt, Kathleen Fitzgerald & Debbie Pestridge, and TerriLee Bell all took Gold in their respective age groups.

Esther Lamptey & Linda Piatt finished on top in Women’s Doubles.  TerriLee Bell and Pam Rider took second and Kathleen Fitzgerald and Debbie Pestridge took third.  Congratulations Ladies!!!

Men’s Doubles:
Jim Short & John Gillette, Jack Ligon & Joe Tran, Carl Rider & Ray Pestridge, and Elmer Grove & Mark Yelavich all took Gold in their respective age groups.

Jim Short & John Gillette finished first in Men’s Doubles.  Carl Rider & Ray Pestridge took second and Jack Ligon & Joe Tran took third.  Congratulations!!!

Mixed Doubles:

Esther Lamptey & Jim Short, Linda Piatte & Joe Tran, TerriLee Bell & John Noori, and Kathleen Fitzgerald & John Gillette all took Gold in their respective age groups.

Esther Lamptey & Jim Short took first in Mixed Doubles.  TerriLee Bell & John Noori took second and Linda Piatt & Joe Tran took third.  Congratulations all!  It should be noted that the mixed doubles ended up being amazingly competitive and entertaining.  There were amazing points and games in both brackets!

Link to Medal Results

Link to Overall Top Three

This event was a qualifier for the Senior Games Nationals.  This was not a USATT Sanctioned event.  No USATT fees or membership were required and no USATT ratings points were won or lost.


Plaza Mayor    (old Crossroads Shopping Center)

Enter from SE 66th Street   across from Toys R Us

7000 Crossroads Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK   73149

Events:  Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles

Link to Oklahoma Senior Games Website

Link to Online Registration Form

Link to “Paper Registration Booklet and Form

The Tournament Director will be Britt Salter (4_0_5)3_0_6_-_7_2_2_7

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