2016 Summer State Games of Oklahoma

Summer Games are Over!

Link to Results (On Omnipong)



June 18, 2016




All entries and payments must be sent to the OKCTT Club.  Please make sure all checks are payable to OKCTT Club.  Send entries and payment to:

c/o Britt Salter
6619 NW 119th
OKC, OK  73162

(Info also on attached Entry Form).  Anyone sending their entries elsewhere are responsible should they get lost or left out of events.  DO NOT send anything to the State Games of Oklahoma!  DO NOT send anything to the Plaza Mayor at Crossroads address!


Link to Tournament Information Sheet

Link to Entry Form and Waiver

We are making some changes this tournament in order to try to keep things closer to schedule and to minimize distractions for players.  Details of the changes are below the event list.

Current Event List and Times (Events, Times, and Entry Limits!!!):

Event                                 Start Time       Code           Max Entries
TT-U1000                              2:30pm        TT01               12
TT-U1300                            12:00pm        TT02              16
TT-U1600                              3:30pm        TT03              20
TT-U1900                            12:00pm        TT04              20
TT-Open Sgls.                      4:30pm         TT05              12 (Note 1)

PP Open Singles                     9:00am       PP01                8
PP Women                              10:30am       PP02               5
PP Junior (U-18)                    10:00am      PP03               5
PP “A” Doubles (U3800)       9:00am      PP04**          8 (Teams)
PP “B” Doubles (U2700)       9:00am      PP05*             8 (Teams)

* No players with ratings over 1700 will be allowed to play in the U2600 Doubles.
** Tournament director reserves the right to allow “borderline, but high” groups into this event.
Note 1: We will only be accepting the 12 highest rated players who enter by deadline. Entries after deadline will only be accepted if open spots remain.  This means that nobody, regardless of rating, will be removed after the deadline – regardless of the rating or playing level of the late player.

Change Details and Explanation:

The number of events (both PP (Ping Pong) and TT (Table Tennis) have been reduced slightly.  Also, we have imposed upper limits on the number of entries into each event.  We hope that the changes will make the tournament run smoother and make for an overall better playing experience.

This tournament will be run using Omnipong (rather than our usual (and still well-liked) Zermelo) as our tournament software.  The new software manages matches and events differently and also easily supports various different ways to schedule and control table utilization.  This enhanced scheduling and table management ability will be used to try to more accurately schedule Events.  We will be trying to minimize individually calling each match.  Entire RR Groups will be sent to a table or pair of tables.  Hopefully this will reduce the amount of through-court traffic and the distraction of frequent match calling.  We will still have to call Semifinals and Finals, but will try to keep it minimal and (relatively) quiet.

Note that, for this tournament, the “Open” category will REALLY be limited to the 12 highest rated players who enter before Tuesday, June 14.  We will accept entries after this date, but only if spots are open.  This means that, if we have an 1100 rated player in the 12th spot by the deadline, nobody else, regardless of rating will be added.


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