2016 Winter State Games of Oklahoma

The 2016 Winter Games are History!

The Winter 2016 State Games of Oklahoma Table Tennis Tournament was held on Saturday January 23, 2016 at the OKCTT Club.  We had a very nice turnout again this year!

The tournament has already been processed and posted at Ratings Central.  We are still working with USATT to get it processed.  They have made a BUNCH of recent changes and we are trying to get it sorted.  LINK to the Rating Central Page  (Note that a “Detailed Report” button is near the bottom of the page.)  Also note that these ratings are different that USATT ratings.  They are roughly 200 points lower – and have a +/- Standard Deviation. This means that, for example, 1320 +/-80 roughly means that the player is likely between 1240 and 1400 (Ratings Central Scale).  They are probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 1520 USATT.

Thanks to everyone who played, watched, and especially helped!  Deb Lad spearheaded registration, Josephine Nwankwo helped in the middle, then Barbara Davies and Scott Ryan got recruited as helpers/enforcers!

A brief Tournament Report will come before too long, but medalists are listed below – in order Gold, Silver, Bronze.

TT U1000: John (Tyler) Bowen(OKC), Dennis Rhodes(OKC), Kathleen Fitzgerald(OKC)
TT U1200: Damion Swearingen(OKC), Kashif Tufail(OKC), Cory Bryant(TUL)
TT U1400: Mike Patel(OKC), Kashif Tufail(OKC), Damion Swearingen(OKC)
TT U1700: David Correa(OKC), Stephen Ackart(TUL), Tom Jourdan(TUL)
TT U1900: Jeff Waters(OKC), Logan Watson(OKC), John Noori(OKC)
TT Open: Okba Al Harfouch(TUL), Yingjun Cui(OKC), David Correa(OKC)
PP Singles: Brian Stephens(OKC), Simeon Duran(MAC), Kathleen Fitzgerald(OKC)
PP U3600 DBLs: Barbara Davies & Scott Ryan(DFW), Cory Bryant & Logan Watson(TUL&OKC), David Correa & Mike Patel(OKC)
PP U2600: Tiffany Salter & Maria Tran(OKC), David Hash & Dennis Rhodes(OKC), Cole Ely & David Fagala(OK Panhandle & SW KS)


Older Info Below (Out Of Date)

We will be hosting the 2016 Winter State Games of Oklahoma on Saturday, January 23.

The SGOO Folks have a new  State Games of Oklahoma Site.  We will NOT be allowing Online Registration for this tournament.  Please fill out our entry form and waiver (below) and mail it, bring it, or electronically send it in.  Registrations will also be accepted on the “tsgo Individual Entry Forms” (available on their site), but we’ll need additional USATT information for TT players.  We prefer that players use our Entry Form.  Link to Entry Form and Waiver also, we have a Link to Tournament Information Only.

There will be a $10 late fee for any entry after our deadline (Tuesday January 20).

Current Event List and Times (Events, Times, and Entry Limits!!!):

Event                                 Start Time       Code           Max Entries
TT-U1000                             2:30pm        TT01               12
TT-U1200                            12:30pm        TT02              12
TT-U1400                             4:00pm        TT03              16 ¹
TT-U1700                             2:30pm        TT04              16
TT-U1900                            12:30pm       TT05              16
TT-Open Sgls.²                    4:00pm       TT06              12 ³

PP Open Singles                   10:00am       PP01               8
PP Over-50                              9:00am       PP02              8
PP Women                             10:00am       PP03              8
PP Junior (U-18)                   10:00am      PP04              8
PP Kids (U-12)                         9:00am      PP05              8
PP “A” Doubles (U3600)        9:00am      PP06**             8
PP “B” Doubles (U2600)       10:00am     PP07*            8

* No players with ratings over 1700 will be allowed to play in the U2600 Doubles.
** Tournament director reserves the right to allow “borderline, but high” groups into this event.
Note 1: This event may be changed to 20 players if we get a strong response by deadline.
Note 2: We will only be accepting the 12 highest rated players who enter by deadline.
Note 3: This event may be changed to 16 players if we get a strong response by deadline.

Tournament Details and Information


  • Balls YINHE 3* 40+ white plastic – same color shirts will not be allowed.
  • Butterfly tables and nets.


  • Persons entering TT singles events must either be USATT General Member or purchase a ($20) Tournament Pass.


  • USATT Membership and Tournament Pass fees shall be paid directly to OKCTT Club on or before the day of the tournament.
  • Entry fees shall be paid to OKCTT – at the club or by mail.  No Online Payments available.
  • A $10 Late Fee will be assessed on any entries not completed by Tuesday, January 19.  “Completed” means entry form filled out and money paid.
  • $20 Tournament Passes are available for those who don’t have a USATT General Membership.
  • PP coded events entrants need not be members of the USATT or buy Tournament Passes.

Competition Format:

  • All events consist of preliminary round robin groups of three to five players each.
  • For events with multiple RR groups, the top, or top two players (Referee’s Discretion) in each RR advance to a single elimination or RR format “finals”.
  • All Matches will be best of 5 games to 11 points. You continue to play matches whether you win or lose.
  • Your standing in the initial RR decides which second RR, if applicable, you advance into.
  • Unrated players will not advance or medal over rated players in TT Single’s events.


  • Must have prior approval to enter two events starting at the same time.
  • All USATT rules will apply for the events coded TT.
  • Dress and equipment rules will be relaxed in the events coded PP.
  • Any paddle permitted in the PP events.
  • Eligibility requires you to be that age on the date of the event.

Cost:  $15 per player for each singles event –doubles cost $20/tea

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