General Information


Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 6p.m. till 9p.m.
Saturdays from Noon till ~4p.m. (sometimes later but no promises)


Our new location is “In The Gap” which is at 5635 NW 23rd. Okc., OK 73127. This is roughly 1 block east of MacArthur on the north side of NW 23rd – roughly 2 miles south of our current spot.

To get to the new location from NW 23rd and MacArthur go east, then turn left (north) onto Moulton Drive (first street on the left). Once on Moulton Drive, head north, then take the first right into the parking lot on the right (this is only about 100 yards). The entrance is just west of the center of the building.


We charge $8 for adult entry, $6 for kids under 18 years old. We also have monthly memberships available – $45 for adults, and $35 for others.  Monthly memberships have not gone up and are a great way to save some money if you attend regularly.  A monthly membership will pay off for anyone who attends 6 or more times per month.


Everyone is welcome! We have players ranging from relative beginners through fairly advanced most days and anyone can find someone to hit with!

We have loaner paddles of various flavors available and also have a fairly well stocked pro-shop. We strongly suggest you come see us before buying equipment. The paddles at Sporting Goods stores are NOT recommended – most of our loaners are much better.

Monday nights are League Nights. We try to break folks up into similarly skilled groups. League play isn’t mandatory, but, should the league need all the tables, they’ll get them…

Tuesdays Fridays, and Saturdays are open play except Saturdays when we have tournaments.

We offer Group lessons most every Saturday. Beginner/Intermediate lessons start between 1:00pm and 1:30pm. We sometimes have an advanced lesson that starts some time around 3:00pm.


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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Linda Piatt on November 9, 2017 at 10:14 am

    I like your updates!


  2. Posted by Brent Wojahn on April 26, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    any where to play Thursday nights?


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