2018 Winter Games

Date: January 27, 2018

Location:  OKCTT Club at new location (5845 NW 50th, Warr Acres, 73122).   Note: Do NOT send payments to the club address – payment address is below and on entry form.

Link to Tournament Information Sheet

Link to Entry Form and Waiver

Our new place has room for an extra table, and all tables have plenty or room for doubles.  There is also room for spectators and players waiting to play.  There will be no need for anyone to pass through any courts at the new place – or at least almost never!

2018 Winter Games Event List is belows!

Current Event List and Times (Events, Times, and Entry Limits!!!):

Event                                 Start Time       Code           Max Entries
TT-U1000                              3:00pm        TT01                 8
TT-U1200                             11:00am        TT02               12
TT-U1400                              2:30pm        TT03               12
TT-U1600                              5:30pm        TT04               16
TT-U1800                             11:00am        TT05               16
TT-U2000                              2:30pm        TT06               16
TT-Open Sgls.                        6:30pm        TT07               16 (Note 1)

PP Singles                               11:00am       PP01                  8
PP Junior (U-18)                    1:00pm        PP02                 8
PP “A” Doubles(U3600)       9:00am        PP03               24 (12 teams)
PP “B” Doubles(U2700)        9:00am       PP04                16 (8 teams)

Note 1: We will only be accepting the 16 highest rated players who enter by deadline. Entries after deadline will only be accepted if open spots remain.  This means that nobody, regardless of rating, will be removed after the deadline – regardless of the rating or playing level of the late player.

Please note that we will be sticking with our entry limits.  If you wait too long, your event might be filled…  Also, Late Entries (After Tuesday Jan 23) will be charged a $10 late fee.


All entries and payments must be sent to the address below!  Please make sure all checks are payable to OKCTT Club.  Send entries and payment to:

c/o Britt Salter
6613 NW 119th
OKC, OK  73162

(Info also on attached Entry Form).  Anyone sending their entries elsewhere are responsible should they get lost or left out of events.  DO NOT send anything to the State Games of Oklahoma!  DO NOT send anything to the Plaza Mayor at Crossroads address!

 Tournament Hotel:

Sleep Inn & Suites (5200 Classen Circle, Okc., 73118, (405)286-5400)  Tournament rate $49.99 per night (plus taxes and fees).  Tournament rate is good for Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27.  Tell them you are playing in the Summer State Games and playing “Ping Pong” (I didn’t come up with the code words!)

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