General Information!

LINK To General Club Info (Hours, Cost, Address, etc.)

OKCTT Has Moved!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to help! We ended up with an outstanding crew – which made the move go as smoothly as possible!

Our new place looks like it will work out well, but, unfortunately, it only temporary. We will only be able to stay until July of 2021, so we still need help to find a permanent home. The new place is “In The Gap” which is at 5517 NW 23rd. Okc., OK 73127. This is roughly 1 block east of MacArthur on the north side of NW 23rd – roughly 2 miles south of our current spot.

For GPS, 5635 NW 23rd, Okc., OK 73127 seems to work better.

To get to the new location from NW 23rd and MacArthur go east, then turn left (north) onto Moulton Drive (first street on the left). Once on Moulton Drive, head north, then take the first right into the parking lot on the right (this is only about 100 yards). The entrance is just west of the center of the building.

OKCTT Covid Protocall

We absolutely want everyone to be and stay safe, so we will be imposing some virus control rules. These are not in concrete, but they are a start.

  1. Stay home if you are sick or feeling at all unwell! Don’t put your fellow players at risk!
  2. Maintain distancing (6 feet minimum) as much as possible. This means spectators will need to spread out.
  3. Avoid hand shaking, fist bumping, hugging, high (or low) fiving, or other forms of contact.
  4. We ask that folks refrain from playing doubles – due to distancing.
  5. We strongly encourage folks to wash their hands frequently. We cannot guarantee that the club will have ample hand sanitizer (it can be hard to find), so bring some with you, or use the bathrooms (soap and water).
  6. We will either require or strongly encourage the wearing of masks, bandanas, or other face coverings. (Sadly, in practice this seems (almost) impossible when playing due to difficulty breathing, sweating, and fogging glasses.)

League Results

Monday, 10 May 2021

  • Group “A”: Jeff Waters played well!
  • Group “B”: Norman “Kovid Kid” Behymer was on fire!
  • Group “C”: Hung Nguyen was tough!
  • Group “D”: Will Saunders took care of Bid-Ness!

(Recent Results)

Note 1: Due to excellent league numbers, league matches are best 2 games of 3 (to 11).  

Note 2: Please call or text if running late or even cutting it close.  We really need to know who all is playing BEFORE 7:00.  10 minutes till is ok, but cutting it close… 15 till works better. Thanks everyone!

Winter State Games Tournament!

The Winter State Games of Oklahoma was held on Saturday, February 8, 2020. The results are up and available Omnipong Link.

Under 800Dennis RhodesNoelle CullisonJoseph Hayhurst
Under 1200Keon AzadiDhruv DusadNicole Cullison
Under 1500Andrew MinardJames RodriguezNorman Behymer
Under 1750David LeonardJourdan TomDalton Daugherty
Under 2000Okba Al HarfoughRobert YangDalton Daugherty
Open SinglesMichael LauroJeffrey WatersMaria Tran
JuniorsKevin LuMaria TranNoelle Cullison
PP SGLsJohnny TranJoe TranDhruv Dusad
U3800 DBLsLogan Watson & James RodriguezMichael Lauro & Cole ElyWinfred Addy & Linda Piatt
U2800 DBLsPratyush Mohanty & Dhruv DusadAndrew Minard & Johnathon FieldsCharles Brooks & David Willard

More info will be posted on our Tournament Page.

2019 Senior Games!

The 2019 Senior Games Table Tennis tournament was held on Saturday, October 19th. We had a pretty good turnout.

Results Link

The Ladies
The Guys…

The Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament was Fun!!!

The 2019 Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament was held on Saturday, October 12. We had a pretty good turnout and there was lots of excellent table tennis!

Thanks to everyone who played, watched, and came it to buy one of our Tournament Shirts. We really appreciate the support!

The random-draw “Dale Doubles” event was a blast and was won by the team of Ray Pestridge and Keon Azadi. They beat out Abdullah Alnashi and Kathleen Fitzgerald in the final.

The giant Round Robin event ended up with winners in five different groups: A) Logan Watson, B) Abdullah Alnashi, C) Cole Ely, D) Gerardo Castillo, and E) Oliver Pierce. Sorry that I don’t have pics!


Summer Games Are Over!

Our Summer State Games Tournament was held on June 15, 2019!  Details coming soon! Results can be found on the Omnipong Site


LINK to General Information

LINK to Entry Form and Waiver

Norman Senior Games Tournament!

The Norman Senior Games TT Tournament was held on Saturday, May 19, 2019.   Three OKCTT players competed… 

Joplin Table Tennis Tournament!

Joplin hosted their Spring Tournament on May 10 and 11. Several OKCTT players attended and did well.  Link to Results

-Winfred Addy and Logan Watson took 2nd and 3rd in the Open!

– James Rodriguez and Linda Piatt took 1st and 2nd in the U1400!

– Keon Azadi won the U1100!

-Winfred won Group “A” and Keon Azadi won Group “D” of the Giant RR!

Broken Arrow Tournament!!!

TOURNAMENT RESULTS OKCTT Players Abdullah Alnashi, Keon and Seif Azadi, Mike Patel, and Linda Piatt all brought home at least one trophy!

Brad Balmer and the Broken Arrow TT Club are hosted an unsanctioned tournament on Saturday, 14 April.  LINK TO ENTRY INFO

We added a new TT Stuff (for sale or trade) Page

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but haven’t got around to it.  Ray Pestrige is selling his Newgy 2050, so I found some inspiration!  LINK TO PAGE

Winter Games Are Over!!

OKCTT hosted the Winter State Game of Oklahoma Table Tennis tournament on Saturday, January 26, 2019.  We had a great turnout with players from Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and even New Mexico!  We also had an impressive herd come down from Broken Arrow and Tulsa!  Thanks Everyone!

Results are available HERE…

Check out our Winter Games Page…

Senior Games!

OKCTT hosted the Senior Games Table tennis tournament on Saturday, October 27th.  We had a fine turnout!  Thanks to everyone who made it out.  More details soon…

3rd Annual Dale Goodman Tournament

2018 Dale Goodman Group Photo

We hosted our third annual Dale Goodman Tournament on Saturday, October 20th!  We had a good turnout, and everyone seemed to have a good time!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  We had players from Kansas, Arkansas, SE Oklahoma, and the Tulsa area, so special thanks to these travelers!    LINK to Complete Results

The morning was dedicated to random draw “Dale Doubles”, which always results in some interesting partnerships.  For the second consecutive year, Cam Franks got lucky (again!) and pulled a very strong partner.  This year it was Logan Watson, and the two lefties won it all.  Cam played very well, but they still had some competition!  Their Semifinal match with Dalton and David went 5 games and their finals match was pretty tough as well.

    • 1st:  Logan Watson & Cam Franks
      2nd:  Jim Short & Andrew Minard
      3rd:  Dalton Daugherty & David Hash

The afternoon session was run as a Giant Round Robin, so all players were ranked then broken up into 7 teams using the “snake” method.  This results in each group having a wide range of players.  The top finishers in each group advanced to the “A” Group, second place to “B” Group, etc…

    • Group A:  1st:  Logan Watson     2nd:  Mike Patel
      Group B:  1st:  Alex Tupas     2nd:  Dalton Daugherty
      Group C:  1st:  Lemuel Franks    2nd:  Johnathon Fields
      Group D:  1st:  Keon Azadi  2nd:  John Hester
  • New Coaching Article (About time!!!)

    I put up a new coaching article about the benefits of Rivals and Practice Partners.  Hope you like it!  While there, check out the rest of the coaching articles… LINK TO ARTICLE

    Summer Games Coming June 23


    Summer Games Page is up!  Link To Page

    2018 Board Election Results!

    Our Board Election concluded on Saturday, 2 June.  Below is our new Board!  Be sure and congratulate (or commiserate with) the new Board members!

    2018 Board:

    • President:  Britt Salter
    • Vice President:  David Hash
    • Secretary:  Mike Patel
    • Assistant Secretary:  Damion Swearingen
    • Treasurer:  Linda Piatt
    • Assistant Treasurer: Dalton Daugherty
    • Sergeant at Arms: Kathleen Fitzgerald

    Prices Changing in April!

    Due to higher rent and much higher utilities (roughly double what we were paying at Plaza Mayor), we will have to raise our entry fees starting April 1.  We will not be changing the monthly fees at this time, but daily fees will go up $1.  The Kid’s fee will apply to players under 18 years old.

    New Fees:

    Adults=========> Daily: $8          Monthly: $45
    Kids (Under 18) ==>  Daily: $6         Monthly: $35

    League Results

    Monday, May 7 – A Big, Strong League!

    • Group “A”: Logan Watson was too strong!
    • Group “B”: Damion Swearingen was on fire!
    • Group “C”: Lemuel Franks played well!
    • Group “D”: Benjamin Phan was tough!
    • Group “E”: Jay Hayhurst had the answers!

    (Recent Results)

    Note 1: Due to excellent league numbers, league matches are best 2 games of 3 (to 11).  

    Note 2: Please call or text if running late or even cutting it close.  We really need to know who all is playing BEFORE 7:00.  5 minutes till is ok, but cutting it close… 10 till works better. Thanks everyone!

    Winter Games Went Pretty Well!

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to come play in our Winter State Games tournament!  We had a fabulous group of player!  We had players from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and even Oklahoma!

    I hope to put a write up on our tournament page, but, till then, here is a link to the results.

    LINK to Winter State Games Results

    Thanks again, and we’ll try to make everything better next time!

    LINK to Tournament Page

    Club Heat Update (Tuesday 16 January)

    We have heat!!! Yeah!

    We’re Back!

    We are excited to announce that we are officially open at our new location!!! The new place is off NW 50th just east of MacArthur.  The place was originally a grocery store.  It has plenty of room, and should work out well once we get everything sorted.  We’ll have ample room for 10 tables – with each court being big enough for doubles!

    Come play!  Bring friends!

    The address is:

    5845 NW 50th
    Warr Acres, OK  73122

     LINK to MAP

    Details of Work Done for 50Mac Move

    We had to do a LOT of work to get our new place ready to go.  Below is a Link to a post the details a good bit of it.  Thanks to all the awesome folks who worked so hard to help make this happen!

    LINK to 50Mac Move Details

    The Plaza Mayor/Crossroads Era is Over…

    Plaza Mayor management decided to close down the mall.  October 31 was our last day playing there.

    Our new home will be at 5845 NW 50th which is just east of MacArthur on the north side of 50th.  The new place is not ready for play yet – we expect to start playing in December.  We need to remove old bumpy linolium floor tiles, smooth out the floor, likely paint the floor, and get the lighting sorted out.

    We will need help with our renovation project!  I was not impressed with the turnout for our packing party and was very disappointed with the lack of support for our move.  I expected much better.  We need a lot more folks to step up and help.  The same few people can’t continue to do everything – at least not if the club is to continue.  Our club is a non-profit organization.  Nobody gets paid anything for what they do at the club – not the President, Vice-President, any other Board Member, or anyone else.

    Our working schedule at 50Mac (Nickname for new place) it To Be Determined (TBD), but it is very like we’ll be working next Saturday.  Details on work schedule will be posted here and (hopefully) on our Facebook page.  The more help we get, the quicker we’ll be done and the sooner we’ll be playing again!

    2nd Annual Dale Goodman Tournament Oct 21, 2017

    On Saturday, October 21, 2017 The Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club hosted the second annual Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament.

    The tournament went very well.  Random Draw “Dale Doubles” was in the morning and Handicap “Treachery” Singles was in the afternoon.

    Doug Marks and Cam Franks won the Random Draw Doubles.  Mike Patel and Maria Tran took 2nd.

    Maria Tran won the Handicap Singles.  Brian Stephens played very well and took 2nd.

    Thanks to everyone who played!  I hope everyone had a good time!

    LINK to Tournament Page

    Oklahoma Senior Games was held on Saturday, Oct 7!

    We had a good turnout, and everyone seemed to have a good time and got plenty of Table Tennis!  Our Road Warrior award for this tournament goes to Rusty Carter, who came up from Austin, TX!

    The results are summarized below. Note that, due to the many different age groups coverer, i.e. 50-54, 55-59… etc. The results below do not show all the gold medals awarded…

    Women’s Singles
    1st Place    Esther Lamptey
    2nd Place   Linda Piatt
    3rd Place    Kathleen Fitzgerald
    4th Place    Debbie Pestridge

    Women’ Doubles
    1st Place    Esther Lamptey and Linda Piatt
    2nd Place   Debbie Pestridge and Kathleen Fitzgerald

    Men’s Singles
    Group A
    1st Place   Ray Pestridge
    2nd Place   Mike Patel
    3rd Place   Rusty Carter
    4th Place   David Correa
    5th Place   Cole Ely

    Group B
    1st Place   John Gillette
    2nd Place  Dennis Rhodes
    3rd Place   Joe Tran
    4th Place  Mark Yelavich

    Men’s Doubles
    1st  Place  Mike Patel and David Correa
    2nd Place  Cole Ely and Britt Salter
    3rd Place  Rusty Carter and Ray Pestridge
    4th Place  David Hash and Dennis Rhodes
    5th Place  John Gillette and Joe Tran

    Mixed Doubles
    1st Place  Linda Piatt and Mike Patel
    2nd Place  Kathleen Fitzgerald and John Gillette
    3rd Place  Debbie Pestridge and Ray Pestridge
    4th Place  Tiffany Salter and Joe Tran

    Link to 2017 Senior Games Page

    OKCTT In The News!!!

    The Daily Oklahoman did a very nice article on the OKC TT Club.


     2017 Summer State Games

    The Summer Games were held on Saturday, June 24.  We had a decent turnout and were lucky to have some strong players come in from surrounding states and from the Tulsa area.  Thanks to everyone who came to play, watch, or otherwise support!


    2017 Summer Results

    A brief write-up will be coming and, if I can figure out how to do it, some pictures will be added… See Tournament Page for details.

    Payment Changes Starting Feb 2017!

    Our club costs have gone up a bit over 50% since we started at Plaza Mayor.  We haven’t raised rates in over 10 years.  With the higher costs, our bank account has been steadily dwindling, hence, we have to raise our rates to it to make sure we can continue operating.  I know this won’t be a popular decision, but raising rates is better than closing the club…

    Starting in February our fee schedule will change LINK TO SCHEDULE CHANGE FLYER.

    We will have three fee levels – plus one Annual Fee option.  New fees below:

    Adults:  $7/day, $45/month, or $500/year *

    Adult Students (Undergrad College only): $5/day, or $35/month

    Youth Students (High School and younger): $4/day, or $30/month

    * note: yearly memberships will be from Jan 1 to Jan 1 only – we will pro-rate the 2017 fee since option starts in Feb.  2017 Annual memberships will be $465 for Feb thru Dec.  Also annual memberships will be non-refundable – no adjustments will be made should someone decide not to (or otherwise end up being ) unable to play.

    2017 Winter State Games Is History!

    The 2017 Winter State Game was held on Feb 11, 2017 at the OKCTT Club.  A more complete write up coming – on the Tournament Page.

    Event Gold Silver Bronze
    Ping Pong Singles Joe Tran (OKCTT) Dennis Rhodes (OKCTT) Terry Holley (OKCTT)
    Ping Pong Women Linda Piatt (OKCTT) Alanis Hamilton (Bentonville, AR) Annie Vo (OKCTT)
    Ping Pong Junior Kaden Seward (Joplin, MO) Jason Piech (Rogers, AR) Maria Tran (OKCTT)
    TT U1000 Jason Piech (Rogers, AR) Alex Piech (Rogers, AR) (Remaining players unrated…)
    TT U1300 Kaden Seward (Joplin, MO) Jason Piech (Rogers AR) Cory Bryant (Tulsa TTC)
    TT U1600 Mike Patel (OKCTT) Kaden Seward (Joplin, MO) John Moore    (Tulsa TTC)
    TT U1900 Logan Watson (OKCTT) David Correa (OKCTT) Okba Al Harfouch (Tulsa TTC)
    TT Open Winfred Addy (OKCTT) Russ Hamilton (Bentonville, AR) Michael Lauro (Little Rock, AR)
    U2700 Doubles Sage Crane Neosho, MO) & Kaden Seward (Joplin, MO) Mike Patel (OKCTT) & Linda Piatt (OKCTT) Tiffany Salter (OKCTT) & Maria Tran (OKCTT)
    U3800 Doubles Michhael Lauro (LRTTC) & David Correa (OKCTT) Logan Watson (OKCTT) & Cory Bryant (Tulsa) Ray Pestridge (Stillwater) & Okba Al Harfouch (Tulsa TTC)

    Link to Tournament Page

     2016 Oklahoma Senior Games!!!

    OKCTT hosted the 2016 Senior Games on October 1, 2016.

    The tournament was a lot of fun and there was some outstanding play in both singles and doubles!  Thanks to all who came to participate or watch!  More info available on our Tournament Page…

    Link to Medal Results

    Link to Overall Top 3

    Link to our Senior Games Tournament Page

    First Annual Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament!

    September 17, 2016  The Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club hosted the first annual Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament.  It was a blast!!!


    We still miss Dale very much and a Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament was way overdue.

    Check out results and details on our  DGM Tournament Page

     Summer State Games are Finished!

    The Summer State Games of Oklahoma were held on Saturday, June 18.

    Results are available on the Omnipong Site LINK TO RESULTS and also on the USATT Rating Site LINK TO RATINGS.

    We had a fairly small turnout, but overall a very good tournament.  Thanks to everyone who played, watched, or helped!

    Omnipong torunament software was used for the first time.  Overall I liked it a lot – once I get smarter and fine tune my match scheduling and organization I think it will be great.  A couple folks got delayed more than I wanted – sorry!!! Even with that, we finished almost an hour ahead of my (very conservative) schedule.

    We would like to hear how folks liked the new format, i.e. sending out whole Round Robin Brackets rather than calling each match individually.  I hope it reduces distractions – both the constant match calling and the excessive traffic through some courts.

    Thanks again!

    Details are on our 2016 Summer Games Page.

    2016 Winter Games are Over!

    We hosted the 2016 Winter State Games of Oklahoma on January 23, 2016.  The results are on our 2016 Winter Games Page.  Also, the tournament has been processed by both USATT and Ratings Central.  (Still working with USATT to get it processed with them)  Links below…

    LINK to USATT Ratings Page

    LINK to the 2016 Winter SGOO Page

    LINK to the Ratings Central Page

    Big USATT Fee Structure Changes

    The USATT has recently made some significant changes to how memberships and tournament fees will be handled.  LINK TO DETAILS ON USATT SITE  I think these changes are a step in the right direction, and will benefit many players.  The changes changed include, but are not limited to the following: (See USATT Site for full details)

    • Membership fee structure has been changed.  Not surprisingly, they went up.  Adult one-year “General Memberships” will cost $75 per year (one year memberships were previously $49/year). The good news (for many) is that tournament ratings fees ($7 to $10(ish?) per tournament) will be eliminated.  This means that anyone entering four tournaments per year is getting off cheaper (three per year is about a wash).
    • Tournament ratings fees will be eliminated (yeah!).
    • Tournament Passes will no longer be limited to one-time usage only.  Tournament passes will cost $20 ($25 for Nationals and Open) and they are unlimited.  The old tournament passes were $10, but there was a $7 rating fee as well, so the cost has effectively gone up $3/tournament.

    Group Lessons on Saturdays

    We’ve had a nice influx of new and newer players lately.  To help them all get started out, we are offering Table Tennis Basics group lessons on Saturdays.  These lessons are free with club entry.  We generally spend about an hour going over the basic grip(s) and strokes – plus a little extra when we have time.

    We are seriously considering adding a more advanced group lesson as well.  We have a bunch of advanced beginners, intermediates, and even really good players who need some help.

    We try to start the beginner group group between 12:45pm and 1:15 pm.   If you are interested, please try to get to the club by 12:30 or 12:45.

    We usually also offer intermediate and more advanced group lessons after the beginner lesson – starting around 3:00.  Interested players should arrive early enough to get loosened and warmed up prior to the lesson.  Note that we reserve the right to limit the participants in the later lesson.  If players can’t do the required strokes, they will not get much out of the lesson and could hold back the more advanced players.  We can (and generally try to) tailor the earlier lessons to help these players advance into the later lesson.

    2014 Board:

    • President:  Britt Salter
    • Vice President:  Dr. “G” Lu
    • Secretary:  Carl Deal
    • Assistant Secretary:  Jeff Waters
    • Treasurer:  Linda Piatt
    • Assistant Treasurer: David Hash
    • Sergeant at Arms: Kathleen Fitzgerald

    Equipment Discussion

    The Equipment Section has been updated – check it out!  While we are talking about equipment, this is a reminder that the OKCTT Club is a Paddle Palace and Cole’s TT distributor.  We sell their equipment at their advertised price.  If you need equipment or accessories, please check with the club.  The club makes a little money on each sale – and we need the money!  Also, when you buy from the club, we will go out of our way to help with any equipment problems.  If you buy elsewhere, don’t be too surprised if your problems do not become our top priorities.

    Find us On Facebook

    Facebook Page


    We are located at:

    5845 NW 50th
    Warr Acres, OK  73122 

    The club is on the north side of 50th just east MacArthur Blvd.  It faces 50th and is just east of the 7-11…

    Operating Hours:

    We’ll be open the same hours as before – Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturday from noon to 4:00pm.


    We charge $7 for adult entry and $5 for students and those 18 years old or younger.  We also have monthly memberships available for $45/adults and $35/U-18.


    • We have 10 tables set up for normal play.
    • All tables save one are either Butterfly Centerfold 25’s or Europa’s
    • We have two bathrooms
    • The club is climate controlled
    • We have  bottled water, some sports drinks, and some snacks available
    • We have a Pro Shop with a good selection of equipment
      • Pre-Made Paddles starting around $25
      • Individual Blades starting under $20
      • Individual Rubber Sheets starting at $10/sheet
      • Balls ranging from 6 for $$7.50 up to 3 for $10
      • Racket Cases
      • Rubber Cleaning supplies
      • Other Misc. accessories
      • We are a Paddle Palacedistributor, so can get anything from their catalog or site for PP prices
      • We also offer an assortment of equipment from Cole’s TT

    Contact Information:

    Britt Salter (405) 306-7227

    David Hash (405) 850-1937

    Email Britt at “bsalter 5 at gmail dot com”  (Remove spaces, change “at” to @, and “dot” to “.”)

      2nd:  Mike Patel

25 responses to this post.

  1. I’m trying to get a big group of players from the Tulsa Club to go. So far we have quite a few interested, seasoned and beginners. I’ll try and keep up to date on the blog to see when the new entry form is on here and will print and hand them out. Let us know when the new form is done.


  2. Posted by Adil zegrati on May 20, 2012 at 3:10 am

    I am trying to get enrolled !! I played tennis since i was 5 but i love playing ping pong aswell i like that saturday schedule!! noon to 4 it will be nice if ill be able to play that day please let me know thank you


    • Come see us! Everyone is welcome – we are generally there a bit later than advertised on Saturday. Sometimes we close at 4:00pm, but many times we run till 4:30pm or even 5:00pm.



      • Posted by Hicham on June 3, 2013 at 12:01 pm

        What’s the address? Just moved to OKC!

      • Definitely come see us! The address, hours, and all sorts of other stuff are on the Home Page. You might have to scroll way down if using a phone – but they should be handy if you use a computer. bes

  3. Posted by Randy Colton on August 25, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Britt- thanks for your time brother! I met a number of genuinely nice people and saw some great play!!This tournament should be used to promote the club! I can help! I handle marketing/promotions for Wells Fargo Advisors Waterford Branch- The Vance Auto Group- Louie’s (all 23 locations)- we can have a ton of fun and do a lot of fantastic things for charity! My son, Graham Colton ( http://www.grahamcolton.com) just received ‘Best Song Writer’ by The Gazette and is playing the bracket party at 7:00pm on September 13th which is one week prior to official play on September 20 at The Belle Isle Brewery. Channel 4/43 is our TV media partner. I will deliver new posters next week. Lunch on me when easy for you!

    Cheers- Randy


    • It was nice meeting you, and we are getting excited about your upcoming tournament. I’ll be putting a notice and link up on our front page ASAP.



  4. Posted by Elliot thomas on September 10, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Just moved to okc from NY and i love to play ping pong.
    Just looking for a place to smack the ball around alittle.


  5. Posted by paul pray on November 6, 2012 at 11:37 am

    do you have paddles to borrow when they arrive to play or have to buy some before hand???


    • Thanks for asking Paul! I though I had that info on the front page, but was mistaken. I added it to the “Oklahoma City Table tennis – Basic Info” tab on the right side of the screen. I will soon be adding more equipment information on an Equipment Page. Oh, and yes, we have loaners available free – we have discussed charging a small fee for loaners, but have yet to come to a consensus…



  6. Posted by Hicham on June 3, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Just moved to OKC with my job and was looking to join a table tennis club. I play fairly good and would love to meet new people and play.


    • Be happy to meet and play you


      • Posted by Hicham on September 19, 2013 at 7:21 pm

        Thank you for your reply. I visited the club week (I had hard time finding it), but it was closed. What are the hours of operations? Thank you

      • Sorry to hear that you had trouble. Come back and see us during our operating hours!

        Our operating hours and directions to the club are on the home page of this site. Both are in the “Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club – Basic Info” box near the top on the right side. They are repeated near the bottom of the home page as well.

  7. Posted by brett mcclelland on November 22, 2014 at 12:44 am

    Is this group and org still up and running strong? Something I’m definitely interested in let me know thanks!


  8. Posted by Tim Rhodes on January 13, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    Looking to promote an event for players 50 and older at the Yukon Senior Games in April 2016. Please advise any way you can help get the word out. We will offer Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. A few club players have played in the past. John Gillette, Kathleen Fitzgerald just to name a few.


    • Tim – Sorry for the late response. We can definitely help you out a bit. Please send me more information. We can put a notice on this site, talk it up at the club, and even put out some flyers.


  9. Posted by Shannon Semet on June 2, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    How do we know if there is a tournament scheduled for Saturday? We are interested in coming this Saturday, June 4th, but only for open play.


  10. The Patriarch in Edmond is holding its 4th annual benefit Table Tennis Tournament on July 21st.



  11. Posted by travis Thompson on July 11, 2018 at 10:49 am

    i’m organizing an event in Norman, OK on Aug 7-9 and looking for table tennis rentals. any suggestions


  12. Posted by Joe Windham on July 29, 2018 at 5:47 am

    This is a shout out to all TT players in OKC to visit Kansas City on 26 Aug to play in a fulfilled one day nonsanctioned tourney. We are giving $1000 in prize money, distributed top to bottom, and we have prizes for all participants. The proceeds go to helping fund start up costs in our new westside table tennis club. The playing conditions are the best, with 12 joola tables, barriers, wood floor, dark walls, great lighting, and lots of space. Register on omnipong.com or kansascitytabletennis.com. Joe Windham(816-769-3279


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