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Move to 50Mac

This Post Documents our move from Crossroads Mall to 50Mac (5845 NW 50th)

Work Schedule and Progress on 50Mac

We had another good turnout and got plenty done Tuesday (November 28).  See details below – THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED!!!

We will be opening on Friday, December 1, 2017!

We still have a few things to work on:

  • Minor floor work – mostly patching a few areas.
  • Lighting…  We need to get our T5 fixtures installed and wired.
  • We need to build more barriers – but we have most of them done!

Progress so far:

  • Packed up old club on Friday, Nov 3.  Thank to David Hash, Carl Deal, Terry Holley, Linda Piatt, Logan Watson, Dalton Daugherty, Seif Azadi, Keon Azadi, Maria Tran, Tiffany Salter, Jeff Waters, Kathleen Fitzgerald, John Noori for their help! (I am pretty sure I’m forgetting someone(s), but my brain hurts…)
  • Moved everything on Saturday, Nov 4.  Thanks to David Hash, Logan Watson, Dalton Daugherty,  David Correa, and Keon Azadi for their muscle.  I’d like to thank Linda Piatt, Kathleen Fitzgerald, and Seif Azadi for their muscle AND organizing help!
  • With the help of the fine folks from OEM Products Inc., we got the nasty old linoleum tiles removed on Saturday, November 9.  Thanks to David Correa for getting us hooked up!  Thanks to OEM for bringing out their super cool machines and putting on a tile removal exhibition!  I can’t believe how quickly they got id done, or how nice it turned out!  Check out the machines! LINK  TO OEM PRODUCTS.
  • Floor Removal Picture

Rex Getting Started – Nathan Supervising!

Nathan – About Half Done


  • We had a floor and light  party on Sunday, November 10.  We had to move the remaining tile debris to our corner pile, then sweep the rest of the floor.  We also changed out ~30 light bulbs and identified a few fixtures with bad ballasts.  Thanks to Joe Cooper, Hank Park, David Correa, Damion and Melody Swearingen, Logan Watson, Kathleen Fitzgerald, and whoever else I might have forgotten.
  • On Thurdsay, Nov 16.  We did the following:
    • Got all the tile debris moved from the floor piles, to a roll-off dumpster.  Carl brought his skip loader that made the task much easier, but there was still plenty of manual shoveling and debris moving.
    • We got most of the remaining little bits of tile picked up and got some sweeping done.
    • We got a bunch more bulbs changed and changed about a half-dozen ballasts.  Still need more light bulbs and probably more ballasts…
    • Thanks to Carl Deal, David Hash, Jerry Miller, John Gillette, Mike Patel, Damion Swearingen, Terry Holley, Dennis Rhodes, Esther Lamptey, Tiffany Salter, and anyone I rudely forgot for the help.
  • On Saturday, Nov 18.  We did the following:
    • We put concrete patch in some areas to smooth the floor.
    • Got most of the remaining little bits of tile picked up (not much left) and get the floors swept better.
    • Lighting – we changed out ~15 ballasts and a lot of light bulbs.
    • Thanks all the helpers!
  • On Wednesday, Nov. 22 we did the following:
    • We changed some light bulbs and about half a dozen ballasts!
    • Thanks to John “Mayor” Gillette for lending a hand!
  • On Saturday, Nov. 25, we had a great turnout and got a lot done:
    • Floors were swept and mopped.
    • Tables were moved into position.
    • Courts (barrier locations) were sorted out.
    • Lots of lights were fixed.
    • Some floor repairs were done.
    • Thanks to the awesome herd of volunteers!
  • On Sunday, Nov. 26, we had another fine turnout and got more done:
    • More lights fixed – almost got em all!
    • Lots of barriers repaired and moved into position.
    • Barriers were built!
    • A couple briliant court location adjustments were made.
    • Lots of cleaning was done – including bathrooms!!!
    • Thanks to my awesome help!
  • On Monday, Nov. 27, we got more done:
    • We now have all the lights working!  Yeah!!!
    • We build a few barriers, but ran out of fittings, PVC pipe, and tarp material.
  • On Tuesday, Nov. 28, we got more done:
    • We rearranged some light bulbs to even up the lighting.
    • We got some sheet rock work done to get several previous repairs (nearly) finalized.
    • We got a lot of our “side area” cleaned up and swept.
    • We hung our OKCTT sign proudly on the back wall!
    • We build a bunch more barriers – and got them covered.
    • We tracked down and moved our “Pro-Shop and Office” stuff out.
    • We sorted out some breaker/electrical issues.
    • We moved our display cases and other “Pro Shop and Office” stuff out and got them located, cleaned up, and loaded with stuff.
    • We moved our drink machine out, got it plugged in, and loaded some water and Gatorade.