Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament

Saturday, September 17, 2016!!! The Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club hosted the first annual Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament.  It was a blast!  Thanks to everyone that came out!!!


The morning was a Mini-Giant (oxymoron?!) Round Robin Doubles tournament where we split entrys into “A” and “B” groups.  Each “B” group player picked their “A” player from a bowl.

The first round robin sorted out which teams went to the Championship, A, or B group.  The second round determined the winner of each group.  We had a bunch of great matches in both rounds!

Doubles Results:

Championship Group: Cole Ely and John “Mayor” Gillette won!

“A” Group: Jim Short and Joe Tran won!

“B” Group: Jeff Waters and Carl Deal won!


The afternoon was a Mini-Giant (oxymoron?!) Round Robin Singles tournament.  We started with six groups of three and advanced each group winner to the “Championship” Group, second to the “A” Group, and the third places to the “B” Group.

Then the Championship, A, and B groups were split into two 3-player round robins.  The winner of each RR played for the group championship.

Singles Results:

Championship Group: Logan Watson won over Jeff Waters – great match!

“A” Group: Damion Swearingen won over Cole Ely – another tough one!

“B” Group: Bill Munch (who tagged in for John Gillette*) won over Joe Tran – well played!

*note that John Gillette had an injury and had Ya-Ya Goodman, then Bill Munch tag in and play for him.

We miss Dale very much and a Dale Goodman Memorial Tournament is way overdue.

Entry Form Link  Note: Anyone wanting to play, but not able or interested in downloading the form and mailing it can just let me know that they are coming.

More details coming soon, but the tournament will include a “Dale Doubles” and a “Treachery Singles” event.  The tournament will absolutely not be USATT Sanctioned.

Tentative, but rough schedule…

  • Morning – Dale Doubles:  This will involve randomly picking partners from two boxes – basically picking one of the higher USATT (or estimated) rated players from one and a lower rated (or estimated) rated player from the other.  Some refinement (shenanigans?) may be used as necessary…
  • Feeding Frenzy:  This will be either a catered or (more likely) pot luck luncheon.  Again refinement needed!
  • Afternoon “Treachery Singles”:  This will essentially be a Giant Round Robin event, but we will be adding some (Top Secret) twists to make it a little more challenging.  Things like:  small paddles, hardbat, off-hand, or other things may be incorporated to even the playing field.

Swag:  As part of your entry fee, you will receive an official “Dale Goodman Approved” tie-dyed shirt – plus lunch!

Dale Goodman Shirt

Dale Goodman Shirt












The “inspiration shirt” is below…










Trophy:   The winners of the Doubles will get their names on the official Dale Goodman Trophy.

Prizes:  We might be able to scare up some cash or gift certificates – nothing sorted out yet though…

Special Rules:  We’ll come up with some – send in any good ideas.  Some suggestions that we’ve already received include:

  • Net ball winners could be worth 2 points.
  • Net ball winners worth 2 points only if followed by a loud “PERFECT!” (gotta know Dale!).
  • Edge balls winners worth 2 points.
  • Edge ball winners worth 2 points if followed by a “PERFECT!”.
  • Net and Edge (both in one shot) ball winners worth 3 points.
  • Net and Edge (both in one shot) ball winners worth 3 points  when followed by “PERFECT!”.
  • “Walk of Shame” bonuses…
  • Send other ideas!
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