Table Tennis Books and Coaching Sites


This page will list table tennis coaching sites and books.  Please, please, please let me know if you have additional recommendations.  I will update this when I get additional stuff.  I won’t put anything up that I haven’t reviewed – but I’ll try to review suggested stuff without too much delay.

Coaching Sites

There are a surprising number of Table Tennis coaching sites available.  Some of my Favorites include:  This is Larry Hodges Site.  Larry is a fabulous long-time coach and author.  The site has gobs of great information and links.  This Aussie site has great coaching tips and videos by Alois Rosario (Olympic Coach) and Jeff Plum (Olympian).  There is enough free stuff to help – and get you interested.  If you are willing to spend some $$, there is a WEALTH of great video tips.  This is Brian Pace’s site and has lots of good stuff.  I haven’t seen all Brian’s videos, but have liked the ones I’ve seen.


Table Tennis for Thinkers (Larry Hodges):  Really in a class by itself.  Covers the much neglected subject of tactics and strategy in detail.  I consider this a must-read for any serious competitor or coach.  This book is not designed to teach you how to hit a forehand or backhand – it teaches your where to hit them and when.  This subject matter is very important, but mostly very under-discussed in nearly every other book.  Note that it is a tough subject to cover due to the endless (or nearly so) variables in table tennis.  Larry did a great job!

Table Tennis Steps to Success (Richard McAfee):  Probably my favorite for teaching beginner and intermediate strokes.  Covers lots more too.  Richard is a great coach and the book is well organized and easy to read.   Richard takes the time to actaully talk about some things that most other gloss over such as spin, playing styles, and, yes, footwork.  Funny how all coaches seem to mention that!  If you don’t learn from this book either your reading skills are seriously weak or you have a room full of big trophies and medals.

Winning Table Tennis (Dan Seemiller):  This book covers the basics and much more.   Dan spends time discussing  strategy, tournament preparation, training, effective practice, and pretty good discussion of footwork.  A good book and well worth having.

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